Woo Foo is the trademark fighting style of Yin Yang Yo! and the enemy of the Night Masters.


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Woo Foo is a fighting style consisting of mystical martial arts (wushu, ninjutsu, karate etc.) and magical techniques (Ninjutsu hand signs, Traditional Western Magic etc.) that was designed to combat evil. Its last surviving master, Master Yo, fought the current Night Master and almost became the first Woo Foo Master to defeat a Night Master; however, in a last bid to survive, the Night Master used the Amnesulet to wipe the minds of every single creature in the world, making them them forget Woo Foo's proud history and the Night Master's existence. Now, there are currently ten confirmed Woo Foo warriors in existence: Master Yo, Yang, Yin, Jobeaux, Lina, Boogeyman, Dave, Coop, Roger Jr, and Yuck.

Known Weapons


Woo Foo Dojo


The Ancient Woo Foo Scrolls carry a vast knowledge of proverbs. They can appearantly be summoned in any form through mental and oral summoning line "As it says in the Ancient Woo Foo Scrolls...". It's most famous and well known proverb is "When might and magic work as one, a villain's plan can be undone". Oddly, the scrolls also carry recipes and other Woo Foo cultures.

Confirmed Warriors

  • Wooda and Shooda - The oldest known Woo Foo Masters.
  • Ti and Chai - The most mentioned Ancient Woo Foo Masters.
  • Master Yo - The last living Woo Foo Master and the first to defeat a nightmaster.
  • Yin and Yang - The only two living level 2 Woo Foo Knights.
  • Jobeaux - Woo Foo Knight in a Little Less Training.
  • Lina - Woo Foo Knight in a Little Less Training.
  • Dave - Woo Foo Knight in a Little Less Training.
  • Coop - Woo Foo Knight in a Little Less Training.
  • Boogeyman - Woo Foo Knight in a Little Less Training.
  • Roger Jr - Woo Foo Knight in a Little Less Training.
  • Yuck- Although evil and not taught by Master Yo, he is still a level 5 Woo Foo Knight.
  • Albertus Lax - is Woo Foo wizard who created the "Chalice of So-Whatitude".



A Woo Foo Warrior/Knight carries many ranks and levels.

  • Woo Foo Knight in Training - Woo Foo Knights are educated in Woo Foo history, proverbs and techniques. This Woo Foo rank gives the knight the choice to train either in Might Style or Magic Style.
  • Woo Foo Knight In A Little Less Training - Proving themselves worthy, a Woo Foo Knight becomes an advanced student in their education. It's identification is a badge-ribbon.
  • Level 1 Woo Foo Knight - After gaining a large amount of historical knowledge, great honor and access to both styles of Woo Foo, a knight graduates from education and left to independently develop their skills while still living with their master. It's identification is a black belt.
  • Level 2 Woo Foo Knight - Though existing, information of this rank is yet to be revealed.
  • Level 5 Woo Foo Knight - Yuck is the only known level 5 Woo Foo knight. Which grants him access to the level 5 woo foo spell Aura Swap and an ability akin to the Adult Diapers of Doom which seems to enhance his size, physical strength and defense considerably.
  • Woo Foo Master - The highest rank as a Woo Foo Knight, a Woo Foo Master has mastered all techniques and wisdom. They are also given the commitment to train and assist Woo Foo Knights. Their identification is a sash.

Skill Levels

Woo Foo Knights are first trained in level 1 Woo Foo techniques, such as "Bamboo Weaponry", "Transfoomation", etc. Level 2 Woo Foo Techniques include "Woo Foo Aura", "Paws of Power", "Power Punch", etc.




Woo Foo has been used multiply in culture. Cultural speech include "For the love of Foo", "Thank Foo", etc. Other cultures include the food: Foo-Berry Muffins", a website: "Foobay", etc.


  • Woo Foo has been wiped out for the 96th time.
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