Greetings, to the Yin Yang Yo Community.

As I've been paying close attention to how the Wiki is being formed, with new images and some plot holes being filled, I've been wondering about a favorite character of mine, which is Master Yo. However, I think his personality page needs some points on his personality points, in which I mentioned on a comment I left on his page:

"Something that got me quite off about this description: " Yo is crude, lazy, flatulent and gluttonous"

In what way is he flatulent? Were there any scenes of Master Yo farting? The lazy part was correct, along with the gluttonous part, but what scenes are shown doing this? What about the crude part?

I've seen that he got a new picture and a new image in his gallery. Perhaps analizing the show further would help come up with a better personality decription for Master Yo? I'm still uncertain on how he is "flatulent".

I'm not sure if I should watch the show myself to confirm it on my own, and I've seen on one Yin Yang Yo game that Yo belches after Yin and Yang have been sucked in to the comic's pages. Besides, I can only recall how Yo frequently uses the outhouse as well. But beyond that, I don't remember anything else. Pardon me if it got weird, but I'm wondering if the page will be udpated somehow? What are your thoughts about what I said? I'll be keeping an eye out on the wiki to hope that it's in good shape.

Best Regards.

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