Terry is a purple otter with glasses. His first appearance was in the episode "Camp Magic Pants", Throughout the episode, he refers to himself as "The Chosen One", usually emphasizing on the word "Chosen". He has a thick British accent, which Yin seems to think is hot. At Camp Magic Pants, the camp's Head Councilor (actually Yuck), divided everyone into cabins. Everyone else (including Yang) was placed in Cabin "Evil Slacks," while Yin and Terry were placed in Cabin "Twinkle Trousers". At the end of the episode, it is revealed that the chosen one was actually Yin; and she awoke the beast, which is actually a statue of golden pants. It is also shown that Terry was actually working with Yuck, only to be squashed by the pants. It is unknown if he survived, or will be in any other episodes.


  • Terry Otter's name is a play on Harry Potter.

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