Yin Yang Yo episode 109 Shadowcluck

Yin Yang Yo episode 109 Shadowcluck


Yin and Yang have their army, but their army is less than organized and/or effective. Thankfully, Coop has come to lend his hand to their efforts. Not only does Coop now have control of the evil that once dominated his personality, he can now use his powers to combat evil instead of serving evil, and that makes Yin fall in love with Coop again! But the love between Coop and Yin is distracting them from helping the other Woo Foo Warriors fight. Will Coop and Yin realize the errors of their ways, get their act together, and stop Eradicus' Minions from leading a new Night Master army from destroying their town?


Jobeaux, BoogyMan, Vinnie, Rodger Jr., Dave and Lina have now all jioned the woofoo army. Yang thinks they could have done better and then the door bell rings. It's Coop he is there to join the woofoo army (and try to get Yin a course). He said thanks to a picture of Yin and corn he has changed. He is ready to fight evil and not serve it so Yin and Coop start to date again. Everyone barfs when they hear Coop and Yin talk lovey-dovey. When they attack Eradicus they are defeated because Yin and Coop were flirting not fighting. They all tell Yin and Coop that they stink so in anger they leave. So Bob and the army attack the woofoo army. They are kicked out the dojo then Coop and Yin help and the easily defeat Bob and the army. So then after the win they try to kiss and Yang pushes them away from each other and tell them to take it outside.


  • Coop and Yin are now officially in love with each other, dating, and everyone eventually approves of it.
  • According to Lina, Dave's power over wood makes him moderately cool.
  • Coop now has control of the previous Night Master's energy inside of him. His aura also has a new form.
  • Somehow the previous Night Master has returned and is currently running a garage sale where he sells his old equipment to Eradicus (for now, at least).
  • Yin and Coop almost kissed, but Yang pushes them out of the way.
  • Running gags: the camera moves away before people start to throw up.
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