Season 1 originally aired in 2006. It began on August 26th and ended on April 30th. The season contains 26 episodes. This Season will reruns on September 2010 on Disney Channel .


Screenshot Title Original airdate Production code #
Episode1a "Dojo, Oh No!" August 26, 2006 101 1
Yang is tired of training with broken training equipment so he goes to join Ultimoose's Dojo but in order to do that he must turns his back on Woo Foo and leave Yin.
Episode1b "Finding Hershel" August 26, 2006 101 1
Master Yo gives Yin and Yang a important Woo Foo test but they are both dissappointed when they learn that they have to watch a rock. Meanwhile Carl tries to find the rare and dangerous Scorpion Rock.
Episode2a "600 Channels of Doom" September 4, 2006 102 2
Carl gives Yin and Yang a new TV, which causes them to start in-fighting. Can Yin and Yang learn to work together in time to beat Carl?
Epidode2b "An Oldie But a Goodie" September 4, 2006 102 2
After making fun of Master Yo for being old, Yin and Yang are sent to Kraggler's pharmacy to pick up his ointment. However, instead of being a simple pick-up errand, Yin and Yang accidentally destroy the pharmacy and incur Kraggler's wrath. Will Yin and Yang learn to respect their elders in time to avert a disaster?
103a - Yin Yang Yuck "Yin Yang Yuck" September 4, 2006 103 3
After using Woo Foo to push their negative emotions out of their bodies, Yin and Yang find out they've created Yuck, a creature comprised of only those emotions. Will Yin and Yang realize they need all their emotions in time to stop Yuck?
103b - Beetlemania "Beetlemania" September 4, 2006 103 3
After Yang tells Yin he's embarrassed by her, he sets off to destroy a mechanical beetle at Lina's farm all by himself. Will Yang realize the siblings work better as a team before he's destroyed?