"You'll pay for this Yang!" -Saranoia, The Hex of the Ex

With an outfit & magic wand for every occasion, Saranoia is a powerful sorceress and mistress of disguise. Deeply sexist and obsessed with female rights, she is determined to free Yin from studying Woo Foo. She had a terrible childhood (making her motivations for what she does understandable) and always thinks men are like her lazy brother Mark and her boy-favoring wizard father, who she mistakes Yo as, just as she mistakes Yang for Mark explaining why she became the way she did as when she young she appeared to be a genuinely nice child at first at the very least. She was condemned to an insane asylum from "The Truth Hurts" to "A Bad Case of the Buglies". At this point, she's given up being an evil wizard, has had plastic surgery, and is the spoke person for "Repulsix". When Saranoia takes one of her wands, she takes on a set of characteristics and must abide by the rules of the wand, even if it's against her own will. Unlike sone other villains on the show, Saranoia is not pure evil, but she is comically psychotic. She appeared in "Deja Foo", attending the super villains picnic with her surgeries removed and uses weaponry, as opposed to wizardry. She only made 3 cameo appearances in Season 2, which makes many people to believe she has retired. Her last appearance was in "Yin Yang Who?" when Lina told her to "talk to the hand" suggesting she is trying to return to her old ways.


  • Scarf It Up!
  • Bad Nanny
  • Yin Yang Who



  • Saranoia's name is a pun on paranoia, which means a person that is a little insane and a little bit of crazy.
  • She resembles a devil because of her horn-like ears and tail with an arrow point at the end.
  • Despite her hatred of males she does not seem to have any problem with G.P. (a male gnome) helping her making him possibly the only male she does not hate.
  • She bears no resemblance to her father or brother Mark suggesting her father adopted her which may at least partially explain why her father favored her brother as her brother looks humanoid (suggesting he is his biologically child) while she does not.

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