A yellow-green aardvark with a French accent who is princess of the Stink Aardvarks. She has developed a huge crush on Yang for his filthy ways, and despises all things clean. Despite this, she and Yin (who is a considerable neat-freak) respect each other's differences. When the Woo Foo Warriors need some help, she will call on the Stink Aardvark's army to assist them. Yang considers her as a friend but does not return her feelings.


Despite her crush on Yang, she supposedly 'dumped' him at the end of The Sweet Stench of Love.

In Messy Relationships, it was revealed that she still has a crush on Yang, though he still doesn't return her feelings.

In the end of "Messy Relationships", Yang mentions that he consideres Melodia a friend, and nothing more. She seemed satisfied that, although he didn't return her romantic feelings for him, they could at least still be friends.

She is one of the few friends that Yin and Yang have that hasn't joined the Woo Foo Army (though this could be due to her being the princess of Stink Aardvarks, and that she can call on the Stink Aardvark's army whenever she needs to).

Her last appearance before the series ending was in the episodes Wonder Tweens Go!

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Her name may be orginated from "melody".

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