"I know Kung Fu!"

Smoke and Mirrors


Just like his sister, Smoke, Mirrors is depicted to be a parody on the noticeable aspects of some anime shows and characters. He sports dark blue pants and red boots with a matching red belt and gloves. He possess the telltale dark spiky hair, like most anime characters, with seemingly blue outlines and "z" shaped marks on his cheeks, resembling those of Ash Ketchum's. His eyes are in the color of metallic yellow and green skin, probably due to being a humanoid. Akin to his sister, he also has vampiric fangs.


Mirrors is depicted to be someone who talks really fast and hyperactive. He also has the tendency to make peculiar poses.


  • He is shown to wield red roses as his weapon (which also had the ability of exploding). He also possess prowess like a saiyan from the dragon ball franchise. He uses a yellow Prison prism (a parody of pokeballs) in order to capture his Forever Friends which are creatures that fight for him or in some cases, are forced to fight for him through a special ring.



  • He shares a resemblance with Ash Ketchum yet is hinted to have Gary Oak's demeanor.

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