The Lick in a Stick

Badfoot uses the Lick-n-stick to suck the Woo Foo powers of Master Yo. In the episode the big payback. After Master Yo finally defeated Badfoot, and gets the Lick-n-stick. Later it was in the armory safe.


  • The CPK tries to steal the Lick-n-stick but they failed.
  • In Old Softie, Yin and Yang but a super great security system. Badfoot tries to steal it back by getting Yin, Yang, and Master Yo in to a fake factory, so his minions can steal it. But the security system got them.
  • Lick-n-stick is also one of the weapons that the four Woo Foo elders (Eradicus' minions) told Yang to find.


  • The Lick-n-stick sucks the power of woo foo in to it, so it can be powerful enough to (hit) Master Yo.
  • It can too shoot energy balls (what looks like Carl's) to the fight from distance.


The Lick-n-stick made a small appearance in The Slumber Party of Doom. It was in Yang's underwear closet, which is scary because he doesn't wear underwear.

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