A Redneckistanian practicing Woo Foo (who also happens to be the prince of Rednickistan), his first debute being "Foreign Exchange Problem". At first, he was judged and ridiculed (to an extent) by Yin and Yang, his teaches at the time. They believed him to be a stupid, smelly hick that could never master any Woo Foo techniques. However, when he finally gets the time to clean himself up, it's revealed that he's a smart, well-groomed young man. Jobeaux also has a pet armadillo named Fuzzy Thunder that hides in his mouth, giving him his hick accent. When Fuzzy Thunder is not hiding in his mouth, he seems to have a cultured British Accent. After defeating the
Jobeaux cute

A well groomed Jobeaux

Chung Pow Kitties, Jobeaux reveals his knowledge of Yin and Yang's disrespect and goes home to marry Annie, and to live in a castle of diamond-encrusted grits (which Yin was fantasizing about before they met). Before leaving, Jobeaux rightfully gave the inconsiderate and shallow rabbits a stern lecture about being nicer to other people, with Fuzzy also telling them not to judge a book by his cover. As a form of karmic punishment due to her own shallowness, Yin ironically shattered her own dreams (which Yang sadistically pointed out), and was left to wallow in her own self-pity.

He has two sisters who got married and his grandfather is a minister, who wedded his grandaughters to their respected spouses. In more recent times, he's joined Yin and Yang's Woo Foo Army, and is now a Woo Foo Knight in a Little Less Training.


Jobeaux can use Foo Field, Energy Rays, Foo Orbs, and Levitation. He is also very skilled in the Possum-Fighting style, and is also a very skilled Redneckistanian fighter, able to defeat enemies with a banjo.

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