Jason Earles and Mitchel Musso are American television and film actors who gained fame for their work on the Disney Channel series Hannah Montana. They guest-voiced themselves in supporting roles in the Yin Yang Yo! episode "Yin Yang You!", in which a stranded Lina is taken as a pet by Jason Earles while both actors compete with each other over their haircuts (which are eventually revealed as wigs).


Contrary to his teenage role in Hannah Montana and Yin Yang Yo!, Earles is actually 32 years old (or so it is thought); Musso, on the other hand, is in his teens. There have been a controversy determining whether Jason Earles was born in 1977 or 1985.

Years later, Jason Earles went to play as a sensei named Rudy in the new show "Kickin' It" and Mitchell Musso later plays the role as Caucasian twin King Brady of "Pair of Kings" for the first two seasons and providing the voice role for Jeremy Johnson of the cartoon Phineas and Ferb.

The boys are one of the only three American actors on the show. The third one is Seth MacFarlane [creator and star of Family Guy, American Dad, Cleveland Show] who played The Manotaur.

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