Stephanie Morgenstern (born December 10, 1965 in Geneva, Switzerland) is a Canadian actress, filmmaker and screenwriter.


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Raised in Montreal, Stephanie began her acting career when she was 15. She has worked extensively on stage, film, and television in both English and French. Her most widely-seen screen credits have been The Sweet Hereafter, Maelstrom, Revoir Julie and Forbidden Love. Stephanie has been twice nominated for Genie (Canadian Academy) Awards: for directing the short film Remembrance, which she also co-wrote and co-starred in with her husband Mark Ellis, and co-directing (with her brother Mark Morgenstern) the short film Curtains, which she also wrote and played the lead in. She is most widely recognized by anime fans as the voice of Sailor Venus in the English dub of Sailor Moon, and provides the voice for Yin in the Jetix cartoon Yin Yang Yo!.

She and her writing partner and husband Mark Ellis are co-creators of Flashpoint, a Canadian TV police drama which premiered July 2008 on CTV and CBS.


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